05 – Church of Madonna dell’Orto

The Madonna dell’Orto is the church to which Jacopo felt particularly attached. Indeed, it is here that he is buried along with his children Marietta and Domenico, and the pictures painted by him to be found within (about ten in all) are milestones in his artistic career. They were painted mostrly in the decade from 1550 to 1560 and range from the daring composition of the Presentation of the Virgin (1556) to the complex, almost “impossible” spaces of the Last Judgement and Making of the Golden Calf (1559/60). But the Madonna dell’Orto is also one of the jewels of the most authentic Venice least touched by tourism. Near the church, in fondamenta dei Mori, one can still see the gothic building in which Tintoretto lived (marked by a plaque).

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