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Museo del Vetro
Your contribution for… Twisted filigree cup

Venetian manufacture
h. 9 cm; diam. max 17,9 cm
Inventory Class VI n. 0560

State of conservation: the cup on foot in ritortoli filigree is divided into two parts by a fracture located just below the knot of the stem; however, it is complete. The object had previously been restored and the two parts had been glued with an adhesive still present in the fracture, which appears strongly yellowed. The surface is covered with a diffuse deposit of dust.

Expected intervention: the surface is cleaned using hydrophilic cotton swabs and soft brushes dipped in the 3A mixture (alcohol, acetone and demineralised water in equal parts) to remove the deposit present. The previous adhesive will be scalpel removed mechanically after having softened it with solvents applied as a compress. The reconstruction is then foreseen by assembling the detached portions with adhesive tape placed transversely to the fractures, temporary fixing with cyano-acrylic adhesive and definitive bonding with Hxtal Nyl-1 epoxy resin applied by infiltration along the fracture lines.

Cost of intervention: € 793,00 (tax included)

Thanks to your help, as of October 2023 we have collected: € 713,00