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Share the Fondazione’s institutional purposes

Support the museums and its development

Take part in the future of our history

and benefit from opportunities and exclusive advantages:

– VISIBILITY of your logo/brand, which will be present on all the Fondazione’s communication materials

– NETWORKING, opportunities to reach the Italian and international market of the Musei Civici di Venezia, which has an average overall annual attendance of 2.000.000 visitors

– TAX ADVANTAGES, under the existing law, with the possibility of income tax deduction of the total amount contributed

– EXCLUSIVE USE of the museums’ spaces for corporate events, such as conferences, conventions, presentations, press conferences, cocktails, and/or dinners

– PRIVILEDGED RELATIONSHIP with the museums: free unlimited access to all venues and exhibitions hosted, guests included; workshops or private and customized visits, even to museums’ areas not usually accessible to the general public; invitations to exclusive previews; visits in exclusive times; constant update and informative material on the Fondazione’s activities and events.


Admission procedures

1. The corporate persons, single or associate, and corporations that intend to join the Foundation as Partner, must send the President of the Foundation a written request including:

a. Natural person: first name, surname, place and date of birth, residence, profession and tax code;

b. Corporate persons: data identifying the applicant: name, juridical status (public company, unlimited company, public board etc.), headquarters, tax code/VAT registration number, details of the legal representative, presentation of the institution and specific details of the activity carried out;

c. Description of the kind of contribution to the Foundation and declaration that the applicant is aware of and accepts both the statute and the rules of the Foundation in force at the moment the application is presented; if the contribution consists in goods in kind or in rights, it is necessary to specify their value, according to an expert report of voluntary valuation, to be attached to the application.

d. Any further details in relation to the title being applied for.

2. The Participants are admitted by means of an unappealable decision of the Board of Directors, or, if so delegated, by the President.

3. The Foundation will let the applicant know if the application has been accepted, indicating the means, times and procedures for admission. 

4. Relations between the Foundation and those intending to join it will be regulated by a specific convention.

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