Educational services

Museum for all to enjoy and explore


For schools


Our work is inspired by the firm belief that museums are important and versatile “working tools” for schools; that one of the main tasks of such places is to transmit in a pleasant and unforced manner the values that one hopes the young will inherit and share. This is why we adopt a range of approaches and methods, with careful and continuous assessment of the reaction of the children to what we propose. It is they who must be caught up in what they see, who must participate fully in the experience. This means that whilst the overall goal is inspired by sound and rigorous educational criteria, a particular emphasis is placed upon interaction and dialogue. This is the approach that inspires the vast range of activities we provide for all levels of those at school (from nursery to secondary school) and at university or college, both students and teachers.
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For adults


For those visiting the city who want not merely to be amazed by what they see in the museums, but also an opportunity to discover the very best of Venice, we offer unusual approaches, actively involving the visitors in either Italian, English, French, Spanish or Russian. Furthermore, we think that it is never too late to learn something new or find out more about something you already know: this is why we offer workshops, lectures and themed activities.
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For families


Our museums are welcoming places to stay, play or simply be together, with a lot of activities involving parents and children offered at very special conditions. Interactive visits with games, hidden clues, stories and legends to engage the children; accompanying booklets to take away; workshops to “live” art and sciences through practical and amazing experiences, and more… Discover our family programmes “on demand”, which can be easily booked whenever required.
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Birthdays at the museum


The museum becomes an exciting and immense “board game” designed exclusively for birthdays, offering a unique, exciting and entertaining experience shared with friends for a truly special day out. But it is also a day full of meaning and… at the end, it’s cake-cutting and birthday wishes time! Recommended age group: 7 to 12.
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“Special Needs” that is, inclusiveness and more


All the tours and workshop activities are already designed to be fully inclusive; however, they can also be remodelled to meet specific needs. It is possible to personally adapt materials for children with learning difficulties.
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