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Your contribution for the maintenance of our collections
Donation boxes are available, through which you can contribute to the conservation, restoration, and/or maintenance of artworks or other special projects.

Palazzo Ducale
Your contribution for ….The restoration of the additional parts
From the Farinati to the Pietà by Giovanni Bellini
The Pietà, by Giovanni Bellini (1472), probably comes from the Saint Nicholas Chapel in the Doge’s Palace, which was demolished in 1525. In 1571, to adapt it to the decorations of the rooms in the Avogadori Magistracy, the canvas was integrated by the painter Paolo Farinati, who completed in at the top, with the background of the landscape, and at the bottom, with the addition of the image of the sepulchre of Christ down to the bottom. In 1948, Bellini’s original Pietà was restored and separated from the added parts that were placed in storage, even though they were of remarkable craftsmanship. The restoration regards the two canvases by Farinati (canvas A and canvas B), with the aim of reconstructing the historical- critical development of one of the greatest masterpieces by the Venetian maestro, Giovanni Bellini.
Cost of intervention
€ 5.000 + Tax

Ca’ Rezzonico
Your contribution for… The conservative restoration of the sedan chair
Sedan chair, Venetian manufacturing – second half 18th century

The restoration works consist of a woodworm treatment, structure consolidation, and the cleaning of the fabric and leather parts.

Thanks to your help, up to May 2013 we have collected: 1.103,06 euro


Glass Museum
Your contribution for… The restoration of the three chandeliers
Chandelier in mother-of-pearl glass, probably Barovier – second half of the19th century
Chandelier in mother-of-pearl glass, probably Barovier – second half of the19th century
Chandelier, Probably Briati – 18th century

The restoration works consist in the cleaning and consolidaton of the glass elements through the disassembly of the three chandeliers and its conservative treatment.

Thanks to your help, up to July 12th 2013 we have collected: 1.482,54 euro


Museo Correr
Your contribution for… The conservative restoration of the Morosini family great wooden shield
Wooden shield with allegorical apparatus, from Palazzo Morosini to Santo Stefano, Venetian artesian – Carved wood, painted, gilded – end of the 16th century

The restoration works include: pest control procedures, general structure revision and consolidation, restoration of the polychromatic and gilded surfaces, cleaning, and stucco and chromatic integration of the paint layer.

Thanks to your help, up to January 2012 we have collected: 712,06 euro

* NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: donations dedicated to this project is temporary suspended due to new layout for temporary exhibitions