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Your contribution for the maintenance of our collections
Donation boxes are available, through which you can contribute to the conservation, restoration, and/or maintenance of artworks or other special projects.


Ca’ Rezzonico
Your contribution for… The restoration of the slant front chest of

Cassettone Ca' rezzonicoMid-eighteenth-century slant front chest of drawers in lacca povera (also called decoupage or decoupure) with four “drawers” and a drop-leaf top.
A piece of exquisite workmanship, it dispalys a painted blue ground decorated on the flat panels of the chest and drawers with country scenes on a very faint background of clouds,
hills and rivers. Thanks to the restoration, it will be possible to analyze the original coating of the coloured ground paint on the chest of drawers and then replicate it on its surfaces.
This will be followed by gentle cleaning, all the glued printed cutouts will be checked and possibly re-pasted to the support if necessary. In addition, the gaps on the surface will be filled in and the entire piece will be completely re-varnished.

Cost of intervention: € 1.200 + tax


Museo Correr
Your contribution for… The conservative restoration of the Morosini family great wooden shield
Wooden shield with allegorical apparatus, from Palazzo Morosini to Santo Stefano, Venetian artesian – Carved wood, painted, gilded – end of the 16th century

The restoration works include: pest control procedures, general structure revision and consolidation, restoration of the polychromatic and gilded surfaces, cleaning, and stucco and chromatic integration of the paint layer.

Thanks to your help, up to January 2012 we have collected: 712,06 euro

* NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: donations dedicated to this project is temporary suspended due to new layout for temporary exhibitions