Admission and Prices

How to enrol

Any activity from MUVE Educational Programme must be booked online >

  • The educational activity is confirmed once the activity has been paid for, which must be done in advance within one month of use.  
    PLEASE NOTE: Starting this year, the admission ticket to the museum is included in the cost of the educational activity
  • Last minute bookings can be requested by e-mail to or by calling 0412700370 (Mon or Wed from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.), with payment in advance. There is no refund for cancellation.
  • Booking in good time guarantees one obtains the service and activity desired.
  • No reimbursements will be made in case of cancellation.
  • In order to make the most of the museums and the city generally, you are highly recommended to evaluate the possibility of arranging class outings in months other than April and May, which is the period of greatest turnout. You will find fewer crowds and will consequently enjoy a better overall experience.


Booking arrangements

1. View the various activities proposed on the platform or click on the red ‘choose and book’ button to select and consult the educational offer at the various locations and the costs, checking the preferred day and time slot (following the instructions for filling in the various fields). This mode is also useful for an initial cost/price simulation before proceeding with the booking

2. To finalise the booking it is necessary to enter the details of the school and/or the contact person (teacher or accompanying person making the booking), including the e-mail address to which confirmation and summary of the booking will be sent, with the link for payment to be made exclusively online

3. Payment must be made in advance and online by bank transfer or credit card via the ‘Go to payment methods’ link sent by e-mail upon confirmation of the reservation

ELECTRONIC INVOICE: Institutions requiring an electronic invoice may request it when booking online, by ticking the appropriate box and entering the CUU (unique code) and CIG (Contract Reference Number) codes, or no later than 7 days later, by again communicating the CUU and CIG codes useful for issuing the invoice.
Teachers are reminded to communicate the need for electronic invoicing to their teaching secretaries and DSGA (administrative director) in good time in order to avoid problems

4. The educational activity is confirmed once the activity has been paid for, which must be done in advance within one month of use. Last minute bookings can be requested by e-mail to or by calling 0412700370 (Mon or Wed from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.), with payment in advance. There is no refund for cancellation.

Booking confirmation and payment

  • After sending the reservation, the Suite Museum system sends an e-mail (from a ‘No reply’ address), containing:
    1. Acknowledgement that the request has been filled out and sent correctly. Within 4 working days you will receive actual confirmation of the reservation made
    2. Confirmation of availability of the activity and summary of the booking made identified by a ⅚ digit code (P…..) and a link leading to the online payment method (by bank transfer or credit card).
    A booking confirmation form is also attached, containing all the information relating to the booking made and how to gain access to the museum, meeting point, etc.
  • The reservation is definitively confirmed once payment has been made.
    NOTE: If an electronic invoice has been requested, the payment must follow the administrative procedure initiated (via the appropriate platform, with communication of the CUU and CIG codes to the administrative office of the Fondazione Muve and not via the link received by e-mail)
  • There is no refund for cancellations (more info in the ‘General Terms and Conditions’ of the activities)




Active itineraries and workshops in the museums, in the temporary exhibitions and language learning activities (English and Italian)
€ 100 for a class of up to 25 students and thereafter € 4 per student (for example, a class of 23 or 25 students: € 100; of 26 students: € 100 +4, and so on).
For the “Canaletto, Venice and… its gondolas” workshop, the € 100 flat rate is intended for classes of up to 20 students.

Combined tours
– Doge’s Palace + Museo Correr: From Doges to Emperors
– Casa Goldoni + Ca’ Rezzonico: Carlo Goldoni & Pietro Longhi witnesses of their time
– Glass Museum + Glass School Abate Zanetti: A Story of Skill, Sand and Fire (with glassworking demonstration)
– Museo del Merletto + Associazione Merlettaie Creating ‘my’ own lace! (only on Mondays, when the museum is closed)
€ 150 for classes of up to 25 students and thereafter € 4 per student

Special tours
Backstage: hidden treasures of fashion and costume at Palazzo Mocenigo
€ 150 for classes of up to 24 students

NEW FOR 2023-23!
MUSEUM ADMISSION IS INCLUDED IN THE BOOKING. From this year MUVE Education activities can be booked and paid for more easily in a single payment that also includes the museum entrance fee, which no longer has to be paid separately.

  • The cost of the activity includes admission to the museum for all classes of all levels
  • Free admission for accompanying teachers (max 2) and/or accompanying persons of certified disabled people
  • Additional accompanying teachers and non-teaching staff (up to max 2 per group) are entitled to the special reduced ‘School Offer’ rate
  • At the Doge’s Palace there is a free whisper service for classes booking an activity, accompanied by 2 accompanying teachers and for any accompanying persons of certified disabled people.

Please note: classes that do NOT purchase a MUVE Education activity can still take advantage of the special reduced ‘School Offer’ rate, but only from 1 September to 15 March by presenting a list of names filled in by their school at the ticket office; in other periods admission will be with the reduced museum ticket.

Special reduced ‘School Offer’ ticket for the following sites:

    • Doge’s Palace + Museo Correr (Museums in St Mark’s Square): € 5.50 (this also gives admission to the public rooms of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana and the Museo Archeologico Nazionale).
    • Ca’ Rezzonico, Ca’ Pesaro, Palazzo Mocenigo, Fortuny Museum, Natural History Museum of Venice, Glass Museum (Murano), Venice Naval Historical Museum & Ships Pavilion: € 4
    • Carlo Goldoni’s House, Lace Museum (Burano): € 3.50
    • The ‘Chagall. The Colour of Dreams’ exhibition at the Candiani Cultural Centre (30 September 2023 – 13 February 2024) offers free admission



Whisper equipment, obligatory only in Doge’s Palace

Whisper service is compulsory for groups of more than 10 participants.
Whispers are free for classes that book an educational activity, for up to 2 accompanying teachers and for any certified carers of disabled people.
Otherwise, whispers must be purchased separately, at the Ticket Office of the Doge’s Palace, at a cost of 1 euro per person. 


In order to gain admission to the museum venues with a booked educational activity already paid for in advance, it is necessary to go to the museum ticket office with the booking form.
At the Doge’s Palace, in order to avoid potentially long queues, please use the ‘educational activities’ fast track.
Classes interested in visiting the Museo di Storia Naturale ‘Giancarlo Ligabue’ (‘Giancarlo Ligabue’ Natural History Museum) independently are advised to call 0412700303 to schedule admission and avoid long waits at the entrance.


Museum in the classroom
€ 100 per activity for classes of up to 25 pupils
For classroom activities with destinations outside the Municipality of Venice the school must also pay a travel expense reimbursement to the operator, which is calculated using


Virtual tours
€ 100
With the possibility of conducting the course either remotely or directly in the classroom with an educator


Courses for teachers
€ 150 Intercultural heritage education


Difficulties in reaching our venues? Contact us at, we can help you with useful hints and tips

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