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Palazzo Mocenigo Museum

A fascinating and unusual tour leads from the exhibition rooms on the first floor of the Museo di Palazzo Mocenigo, where clothes, fabrics, furnishings and works of the eighteenth century are displayed, to the splendid holdings on the second floor, in spaces normally not accessible to the public.
Here, the rarest, most delicate and precious textile artefacts of the museum’s collection are preserved.
And here you can admire the sixteenth-century “calcagnini” (shoes with high wedges loved by noblewomen and courtesans) and women’s and men’s clothing of eighteenth-century Venice, including the famous Andrienne, also called ‘Andriè‘, the most typical and elaborate dress of Venetian women of the time. Alongside these are the marsine (tails) and sottomarsine (waistcoat) worn by men, along with some accessories such as the bauta mask, socks and bags. This unique and enthralling experience also allows visitors to understand how a museum works “behind the scenes”.

Notes on architectural barriers: No lift; Staircase to reach the piano nobile of the museum; toilets at the first floor are not wheelchair-accessible; laboratory room at the ground floor.

Available languages: Italian and English
Duration: 2 hours





  • 220 euros for a group of up to 10 participants
    The rate includes the entrance to the Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo, visit to the permanent collection and to the storerooms


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