Birthdays at the museum

How to enrol and costs

bottone prenotazione online attività educative su TickeLandia eng



Costs: 150 euro

This includes

  • the activities within the museum under the guidance of two operators
  • the layout of the invitation card to be downloaded and sent to your guests
  • materials
  • the use of the “cake” space
  • entry to the museum for the children invited and accompanying adults for a maximum total of 30 people in all, of whom a maximum 24 children.
  • Any other accompanying adults may gain entry to the museum by paying the standard entrance fee.
  • Refreshments are not included.Upon request (by email to, the museums can also provide the quotation of a reliable catering service.


How to Enrol


bottone prenotazione online attività educative su TickeLandia eng

All the activities require prior booking online at MUVE’ s page on TicketLandia.

  • The service is then confirmed once the activity has been paid for, which should occur at least 10 days prior to the date of the requested activity. Booking in good time guarantees one obtains the service and activity desired. “Last minute” bookings may be requested by email to; they can be accepted depending upon availability of the requested activities and anyway they must be paid in advance. No payments are refundable. In cases of justified necessity, it is possible to ask for a change of the date of the visit. The request can be accepted, dependant upon the dates and times still available.

For further information
Phone: +39 041 2700370 / +39 347 9675905 (9.30-12.30 Monday to Friday; Tuesdays and Thursday, also 2pm to 4pm) 

For General Conditions see in the enrolment form