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Admission and Prices

Notice: in order to make the most of the museums and the city generally, you are highly recommended to evaluate the possibility of arranging class outings in months other than April, which is the period of greatest turnout. You will find fewer crowds and will consequently enjoy a better overall experience.


How to enrol


Any activity from MUVE Educational Programme must be book online at

  • The service is then confirmed once the activity has been booked and paid for, which should occur at least one month prior to the expected visit.
  • “Last minute” bookings may be requested via mail at, depending upon the availability of the museum spaces and those supplying the services.
  • Booking in good time guarantees one obtains the service and activity desired
  • No payments are refundable.
  • In cases of justified necessity, the date of the visit can be modified, dependant upon the dates and times still available.




Interactive visits or workshops or language learning activities (English and Italian):
80 euros
for a class of up to 25 students and thereafter 4 euros per student (for example, a class of 23 or 25 students: 80 euro; of 26 students: 80+4 euro, and so on)


The cost of admission to the museum itself with a special reduction “School offer” plus free admission for 2 accompanying teachers.

Admission is also free for schools located in Venice, for those who are resident or born in Venice, and for the disabled who are accompanied.

Here are the “School Offer” reductions:

  • Palazzo Ducale + Museo Correr: €5.5 (this gives also gives admission to the public rooms of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana and the Museo Archelogico Nazionale)
  • Ca’ Rezzonico, Ca’ Pesaro, Palazzo Mocenigo, Natural History Museum of Venice, Glass Museum (Murano): € 4
  • Carlo Goldoni’s House , Lace Museum (Burano): € 3,5
  • Museum Pass (iving admission to all of the museums listed above): € 10

The “School Offer” reduction can be obtained throughout the year by classes that also pay for one of the MUVE’s educational services. For those classes that simply wish to visit the museum on their own, it applies from 1 September to 15 March only. The classes must be accompanied by teachers, with a full list of names submitted by the school in question).



Backstage at the Museum among textiles and costumes at Palazzo Mocenigo


€200 including the museum entrance and 2 guides.
It can be booked for classes with max 24 participants




Rates for museum entrance tickets may be subject to variations: please visit to stay up-to-date. Thank you

Further Information


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