Cultural Heritage: International Excellence and the Italian Challenge

Conference Overview

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This event comes just a few weeks after the approval by the Italian Senate of the Franceschini Decree for culture, offering a contribution to the debate and some points of comparison about the future of Italian museums, seen in an international context and analysed at a time when change and innovation in the country’s cultural heritage system appears urgent and unavoidable.

The Italian and foreign speakers, who represent highly varied situations from a juridical and institutional standpoint, will be investigating some highly topical aspects with a survey of the present and, above all, a look into future developments.

What strategies should be implemented? What cultural policies and what governance for a real repositioning that takes into account the needs for the productive development of territories, the efficiency and support of structures, the safeguarding and conservation of the cultural and museums heritage, the promotion and dissemination of culture? What visions for the future?

By invitation only. You can follow the conference live stream for the whole day.


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