Venetian Treasures – Presentation

The project ‘Venetian Treasures’, designed for the 1600th anniversary of the Venice Foundation, wants to tell the story of the most valuable objects of the historical-artistic heritage preserved in our museums. Short "true" stories of facts, people and objects, which still maintain civil and political values in their DNA, that made the Republic of Venice great, still very relevant today.

Venetian Treasures – The Pearls: the talent of women

The Pearls of Glass: small but extraordinary articles created by the skills of women's hands, which embody the history of Venice...

Venetian Treasures – An unusual Venetian

For the second appointment of Venetian Treasures we discover the rarest and most unusual creature to reside in Venice: the Ouranosaurus nigeriensis, the dinosaur who welcomes visitors in the Natural History Museum in Venice.

Venetian Treasures – Rodin: heroism against war

In 1901, when Rodin, the most celebrated French sculptor of his time, arrived in Venice ti take part in the Biennale, the Council didn't hesitate to buy one of his best known masterpieces: "The Burghers of Calais" for the Ca' Pesaro collection.

Venetian Treasures – The Barovier globet: a wedding gift

Entirely and intensely blue, once seen it is never forgotten! The Barovier Globet is the acknowledged and well know symbol of the Glass Museum of Murano, the most precious piece of the entire collection. 

Venetian Treasures – Judith by Gustav Klimt

The most famous painting in Ca' Pesaro - International Gallery of Modern Art is Judith by Gustav Klimt. The Town Council of Venezia bought it in 1910 for only 9.900 liras. But it wasn't an easy decision...

Venetian Treasures – Medardo Rosso: the woman of mystery

Among the masterpieces housed in Ca' Pesaro - International Gallery of Modern Art, Madame X by Medardo Rosso stands out. The sculptor is considered one of the major Italian artists who lived in Paris between '800 and '900...

Venetian Treasures – Sounds from Africa: the Miani collection

The 4th room of the Natural History Museum of Venice exhibits many unique objects from Africa, collected by Giovanni Miani during his daring travels, and donated in 1862 to the Town Council of Venice...

Venetian Treasures – From ‘calcagnini’ to five inch heels

A popular strategy among women for appearing in public and being noticed in Venice was to wear the Calcagnini, footwear which remain shocking to this day.

Venetian Treasures – The new medicine

From the thirteenth century in Venice, doctors and surgeons worked alongside the Speziali 'da fin', whose responsibility it was to prepare the drugs, made thanks to the use of many plant and vegetable extracts...

Venetian Treasures – A fragile beauty: Murano glass

The Serenissima imposed itself all over Europe in the development of incredible artefacts,  unique for their forms and techniques. What change the history of Murano is, however, the invention of trasparent glass, achieved thanks to a long-kept secret formula.

Venetian Treasures – Clear glass: a threat to Europe

Blown glass became an important art for the Serenissima, which understood its commercial potentials. To protect it the Republic, in 1291, decided to move all the furnaces to the island of Murano.