Enjoy a free evening of art, music and entertainment as Venice’s most prominent arts and cultural institutions swing open their doors.

A crescent moon, shaped unmistakably like the metal prow of a gondola immersed in a sea of indigo is the symbol chosen for Art Night Venice, scheduled for Saturday, June 23rd 2012.

From sunset until late at night the whole city will become an open air show, and several events – of all sort of arts, including music, cinema, literature and poetry – will attract art lovers around the canals and along the Grand Canal, which will turn into a fascinating stage.

Museums, galleries, foundations, public and private venues will swing open their doors and leave free entry to all who want to discover their secrets. Even the bookshops will open their spaces to visitors, and all the shops will stay open until late.

It will also be a way to know the city from other points of view: under the starry sky of the lagoon city, you can explore the hidden Venice and lesser known works of art.

For more information, visit follow Art Night on Facebook. You can also download the Iphone APP.