The Civic Museums of Venice on Google Art Project

Thanks to the collaboration between the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia and the Google Cultural Institute, the Correr Museum, the International Gallery of Modern Art – Ca’ Pesaro and the Glass Museum of Murano are now part of Google Art Project: an online platform through which the public around the world can access high-resolution images of works of art in the collections of museums partners in the initiative, with the goal of democratizing access to culture and to promote its preservation for future generations.

For the International Gallery of Modern Art – Ca’ Pesaro are uploaded 50 high resolution images of some of the most representative works of the collection and the museum display. These include The Rabbi of Vitebsk by Marc Chagall, the beautiful Judith II (Salomé) by Gustav Klimt, the great paiting of Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida Sewing canvasThe Thinker by Auguste Rodin and the famous Zig Zag by Wassily Kandinsky. To remind some Italians: Felice Casorati with The ladies and the fundamental work of Medardo Rosso, Madame X and Ecce Puer.


For the Glass Museum are uploaded 54 high resolution images of some of the most representative works of the collection and the museum display. The images of these works accompany the visitor into a “journey” through the history of glass, virtually reinventing the wonderful collection of archaeological glass from those of the 2nd century b.C. the famous Coppa Barovier of the 15th century, to the more recent contemporary creations. Among these, the most important creations of the master glassmaker Pietro Bigaglia who worked between 1700 and 1800, the beautiful pieces of murrino glass, blown glass and mosaic glass made ​​from 1500 to the present for the manufactures of Franchini, Salviati and Barovier, up to the modern design of the Seguso, Venini and Fratelli Toso glassworks.


Finally, for the Correr Museum are uploaded 51 high resolution images of some of the most representative works of the collection and the museum display. These include masterpieces as The Portrait of the Doge Mocenigo by Gentile Bellini, The two Venetian Ladies by Vittore Carpaccio, the Pietà by Antonello da Messina, Madonna and Child by Giovanni Bellini, the beautiful Perspective view of Venice by Jacopo de Barbari and the two Canova’s statues of Orpheus and Eurydice that decorate the spectacular Grand Ballroom.

Some of the works from the collection of the Museo Correr, have been included in another project by Google: the Street View of Venice. In addition to giving users the opportunity to explore the streets of the city today, the platform provides the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of the past, thanks to the recall of certain landmarks. This is made ​​possible through a selection of works of art of the Museo Correr available in the Art Project: Processione in Piazza San Marco (1586) by Cesare Vecellio,Veduta prospettica di Venezia (1500) by Jacopo de Barbari, Pianta dell’Arsenale, (end 17th – beginning 18th century) by Antonio di Natale and by Joseph Heintz the Younger, Caccia ai tori in Campo San Polo(1648) and Ingresso del Patriarca Federico Corner a San Pietro di Castello (1649).