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Palazzo Ducale, Appartamento del Doge
From 9 April to 30 August 2020
The fascinating history of opera through the centuries, from its origins in Italy, and in particular in Venice, to the contemporary era. Music, painting, sculpture, architecture: opera brings together different languages of art and is a multi-sensory experience. Its history is influenced by historical, social, political and economic factors, and its production goes through many phases and involves different players: patrons, impresarios, composers, singers, costume designers, set designers and, finally. the public. The exhibition will itself be a multi-sensory experience, with a long gallery of paintings, drawings, dresses, librettos, sets, and memorable premieres re-proposed in an unprecedented presentation. It will be a tribute to Venice as the birthplace of melodrama and to Italy as the place of election for the most important names in the history of opera. In collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and with the support of Sennheiser.


Palazzo Ducale, Appartamento del Doge
From 10 October 2020 to 24 January 2021
Washington, The National Gallery
From 7 March 2021 to 6 June 2021
Famed above all for his cycles of narrative and religious paintings, Vittore Carpaccio (1460/66 - 1525/26) depicted Venice’s grandeur and splendour, transposing sacred stories into everyday life, in scenarios rich in details, combining the observation of the urban setting with the poetic and fantastic. The subject of a renewed interest in historiography, thanks also to recent discoveries, attributions and restorations, Carpaccio has not been the subject of a monographic exhibition since 1963, the year of the historic exhibition in the Palazzo Ducale. The exhibition is being organised in co-production with The National Gallery of Washington and will trace the development of Carpacciesque painting in both thematic and chronological terms from an updated perspective, through religious cycles and genre paintings and a substantial nucleus of drawings, revealing his fruitful imagination, the punctiliousness of his technique and his interest in nature, perspective and the effects of light. With important loans from European and US museum collections and private collections, the Venetian stage of the exhibition will reconstruct the artist’s development from youth to artistic maturity, recomposing narrative cycles now dispersed and suggesting city itineraries for visitors to the lagoon; in the follow-up stage in Washington – the first American exhibition of Carpaccio – an exceptional feature will be the works commissioned by the brotherhoods, preserved in Venice and presented after recent restorations that have revealed many new details.


Ca' Pesaro - Galleria Internazionale d'Arte Moderna
From 16 May to 25 October 2020
The Galleria Internazionale d'Arte Moderna - Ca’ Pesaro is celebrating the eighty years of Fabrizio Plessi with his great historical installations and new site-specific works. The exhibition will also be a great tribute to Venice by the artist, inspired by the theme of gold, a highly symbolic material and one closely linked to the city. Gold shaped and declined in various forms will accompany visitors in the discovery of the extraordinary artistic production of Plessi through the decades, up to the great creations of recent years. The Ca’ Pesaro exhibition will be joined by the windows of the Museo Correr in Piazza San Marco, in which digital rivers of gold will flow to face the sumptuous mosaics of the Basilica.
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