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Musei Civici of Venice opening hours

Beauty… while staying safe!

Musei Civici di Venezia have reopened their doors and are ready to welcome visitors with the necessary sanitary safety measures.

All you have to do is respect some simple new regulations and you can safely enjoy the outstanding beauty of the MUVE museums and collections.

We ask our visitors to do their best to respect these norms and use their common sense so that we can tackle this emergency together.



In compliance with current government regulations FROM 6.8.2021 ACCESS IN THE MUSEMS ONLY WITH GREEN PASS (also “EU Digital COVID Certificate”).
This provision do not apply to children under the age of 12 and to individuals with specific medical certification.
Visitors must present a valid identification document  together with the GREEN PASS.

For more information on current regulations in Italy and on the EU Digital COVID Certificate:  |

ATTENTION: without the documets cited above it will not be possible to access the Museum and to receive a refund for the tickets purchased after July 23, 2021.





  • If you have to buy your tickets at the ticket office, use a credit or debit card so that you don’t have to handle cash



  • Do not enter the museum if you have any symptoms of an acute respiratory infection (fever, cough, cold)
  • If you are coming from or returning abroad, you must have complied with the current health regulation requirements
  • Always wear a mask to protect your nose and mouth
  • Wash and disinfect your hands often, even if you’re wearing gloves, using the sanitizer bottles distributed throughout the museum
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth, even if you’re wearing gloves
  • When you sneeze, or cough use a handkerchief and make sure your hands have no direct contact with the secretions
  • Don’t hug anyone or shake hands
  • Follow the one-way itinerary as indicated; do not linger in areas where people are passing through, and always make sure you are 1 metre away from other people
  • You may only sit down on seats that have the pertinent signs
  • Respect the limits for the number of people allowed in each room
  • Follow indications given by the staff regarding any queues while waiting to use the washrooms or certain exhibition rooms
  • In the Museums that have no cloakroom service please do not bring any bulky suitcases or bags with you
  • In the museums with staircases leading to the exhibition rooms, whilst going up and down the stairs please keep to the right and respect the safety distance from other people.


Covid 19 Rules and regulations

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