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For adults

The Naval Museum and the Ships Pavilion

The Museo Storico Navale della Marina Militare (Naval Museum) in Venice is the most important of its kind in Italy. The guided itinerary offers visitors useful information and thematic tours to enable them to appreciate and understand the museum’s vast and complex collections. The visit also includes the nearby Padiglione delle Navi (Ships Pavilion), the former “oars workshop” of the Arsenale, which is in itself a fascinating and surprising space. Overall, the experience offers a special and unusual point of view, thanks to the often extraordinary items on show associated with seafaring, antique technology, naval strategy, historic events and other curiosities.

Duration: 2 hours
Language: Italian, English, French, German


For schools

Upper years of primary school and secondary school (pupils aged 8/18)
What do you do with a drunken sailor?…
(From 12 November 2018)

An interactive and selective tour through the fascinating spaces of the Ship Pavilion, the former “oars workshop” of the Arsenale, and the adjacent Naval Museum to surprise our visitors and make them reflect. Thanks to spaces and objects able to “talk” to us more and better than a book, we will reflect on the sea and on the efforts of men to relate with this immense force. The sea as a means of communication or conquest, the sea as a means of sustenance or as a source of power. Plus the old technologies, as they developed in the largest factory of the Middle Ages, the Arsenale of Venice. Venice that founded its wealth in the sea, where it also fought its most important battles: from Lepanto to Candia. We will thus learn about the military strategies of siege and defence, see the cannons branded by the powerful Council of Ten of the Venetian Republic and much more: we will observe, in short, the history of the city from an unusual point of view, in a “physical”  and “material” tour amid real, impressive, sometimes moving objects.

Duration: 2 hours


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