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Philips - logoPhilips is a global company founded by Anton and Gerard Philips in 1891 in Eindhoven, Netherlands, as a lamps manufacturer aimed to bring light in people’s life. After over 120 years Philips history is still a success thanks to its great ability to adapt to people’s and market’s needs, offering meaningful solutions for the human progress such as the development of medical systems based on x-rays technology, the launch of compact disc or the more recent lighting revolution of LED.

Innovation, solutions aimed to improve people’s life, attention to the impact on environment and society are the pillars of Philips leadership in Healthcare, Lighting and Consumer Lifestyle, the strategic sectors in which the company operates.

Philips Lighting is a global leader in the lighting market and is leading the revolution of LED both in the professional sector and the domestic one. Philips provides lighting solutions for all kinds of locations: indoor (houses, shops, offices, schools, hotels, factories, museums and hospitals) and outdoor (public places, monuments, residential areas, sport plants) and other solutions to ensure safety while driving (car lamps). Simply enhancing life with light all over the world is the Philips Lighting mission.

Lighting is today responsible for 19% of world’s energy consumption and replacing inefficient and old systems by more sustainable solutions could bring immediate advantages both in terms of energy consumption than in terms of CO2 emissions reduction. In addition Philips offers a high quality light, more beautiful and touching.

Philips Lighting enriches the city experience to make it safer and more leavable; all over the world, including in Italy (Traiano Markets in Rome, Signoria Square in Florence) it increases the value of the artistic and architectural panorama of our wonderful cities. Monuments, sculptures and museums are the heart of cities thanks to their emotional impact and extraordinary capacity to attract people. For this reason Philips has designed specific solutions in in the field of lighting design. Venice, icon of the Italian art all over the world, will highlight even more its prestigious treasures and architectural beauties offering its visitors new emotions thanks to a new light for art.

“We are honored and proud of collaborating with Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia to realize new lighting projects for some areas of Palazzo Ducale Museo Correr, Museo di Storia Naturale and Palazzo Mocenigo – Centro studi di storia del tessuto e del costume”.