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Opportunities not to be missed

Activities organised for the temporary exhibitions


The Venetian exhibitions open during the 2019/20 school year are characterised by a great interdisciplinary breadth. At the Doge’s Palace there are two unmissable opportunities “to be seized” in the form of major exhibitions in the Doge’s Apartment. The first (September/March) is dedicated to the artistic relations between Venice and the Flemish world in their golden ages, From Titian to Rubens, and provides the opportunity not only to admire famous masterpieces but also to make sense of interconnections in history, painting, economy, music, the applied arts and much more. Moreover, music is at the centre of the second major exhibition at the Doge’s Palace (April/August), dedicated to the fascinating world of opera, tracing its history and evolution over more than four centuries and in different places throughout Europe, starting, of course, from Venice.
At Ca’ Pesaro, from October to March, it will be possible to reflect on the relationships between contemporary art and our time, through the works of today’s finest young Londoner artists, poised between globalisation and Brexit: an experience to tackle questions of burning topicality in new and original ways and… prepare for one’s school diploma! Finally, at the Museo Correr, the exhibition dedicated to Francesco Morosini: the last hero of the Serenissima is perfectly integrated with our “From the Doges to the Emperors” circuit.


Exhibition Francesco Morosini: the last hero of the Serenissima
From 28 June 2019 to 6 January 2020
Museo Correr

Exhibition From Titian to Rubens. Masterpieces from Antwerp and other Flemish collections
From 5 September 2019 to 1 March 2020
Doge’s Palace

Exhibition OPERA. The stars of melodrama (title to be confirmed)
From 3 April to 4 August 2020
Doge’s Palace
Rooms set up as theatre sets, paintings, drawings, engravings, stage costumes, librettos, instruments and musical tracks trace the history of opera, from its birth in Venice, with Monteverdi in the seventeenth century, to the avant-garde compositions of the twentieth century. A chronological journey through emblematic European works and cities, in an experience of great emotional and multisensory impact.

Active itinerary
Secondary schools (pupils aged 14/18 and Higher Education System (universities etc.)
Understanding Opera
The activity, conducted by musicologists expert in teaching, starts from the assumption that an exhibition like this provides a truly unmissable opportunity to try to understand – with a soft approach – the dynamics and secrets of the highest, most spectacular, most intense music production that has ever existed.
Which comes first: the words or the music? What is the role of the different instruments in an orchestra? How to learn to recognise them? What does a work really represent: inspiration, spectacle, controversy, a tale, business? This extraordinary guided tour – accompanied by lots of listening, words, stories – renders enjoyable a completely original experience, with the support not only of special headphones but also of dedicated materials, to leave the exhibition with emotions, ideas, skills and new stimuli.
Duration: 1½ hours
Languages: Italian, English, French, German

Primary (pupils aged 10-11), junior secondary schools (aged 11-15)
Curtain! New directors at work
After a selective visit to the exhibition, and the choice of a theme inspired by this, in the workshop the children will become “opera directors” with the guidance of professionals. We will put ourselves to the test, in a playful way, with fundamental aspects of staging an opera: texts, music, sets and costumes, interpretation… and then experience the outcomes of our work, in a performative and collective dimension, just like in the real Opera House.
Duration: 2 hours
Languages: Italian, English


Exhibition Breathless. London Art Now 
From 19 October 2019 to 1 March 2020
Ca’ Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art
The works of the fourteen artists present in the exhibition, all young Londoners, range from painting to sculpture, video to photography, installation to performance, and each with their own expressive characteristics express the contradictions of the current world in a context of mature capitalism.

Active itinerary
Senior secondary schools (pupils aged 15+) and Higher Education System (universities etc.)
Contemporary art to reflect on today’s world
Since the years following the Second World War, London has been a constant point of reference and an effective “sensor” responding to the demands for renewal of today’s society. The exhibition presents the results of contemporary artistic research in the city, and how artists are experiencing the current situation. The guided tour is structured in such a way as to favour reflection and dialogue on a complex, contradictory present, between globalisation and Brexit, individualism and solitude in the framework of an apparent socialisation that has never been so much amplified and omnipresent, in which to ask oneself about the most fundamental and topical world news.
Duration: 2 hours
Languages: Italian, English, French

Primary (pupils aged 10-11), junior secondary schools (aged 11-15)
The new workshop of the Ca’ Pesaro museum is ready for the most contemporary exhibition of 2020, where it will be possible to test approaches and relationships between art and technology.


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