Schools at the Museum 2014>2015

Kindergarten School


A multi-sensorial approach is adopted, using not only visual language but also the whole range of the senses by searching for similarities with other languages (body, gestures, music, touch).

Objectives and skills
- Emotive involvement to get to know the museum without missing, but rather specifically searching for, a sense of marvel and amazement;
- Development of the sense of oneself to acquire awareness of one’s own body, thoughts, emotions and behaviour.



Active tours

Parties and Pomp: Doge’s Tales
During the tour of Doge’s Palace, the young visitors will discover, thanks to info cards and visual aids, the main representative figure of the Serenissima Republic. The doge’s symbols of power, the costumes, the parties and the celebrations that have enriched the history and the Venetian culture will be presented in a dynamic journey that will develop through the rooms of the ducal apartment. At the end of the activity, the attention will be focused on the figure of the “dogaressa” and on the reasons why there were only very few wives of doges to have the honour of being crowned, in a lavish ceremony, thoroughly documented in the paintings of the palace.

Duration: 2 hours
When: Everyday
Time: From 8:30 on
Languages: Italian, English, French




The magic of colours is told in a fairytale in which Leo the chameleon is the lead character. In a specially prepared workshop, with manual activities and optical experiments the children will learn to distinguish the different colours, how contrasts are created, and how colour is perceived in reference to additive and subtractive synthesis. The second part of the programme takes place in the exhibition rooms of the museum where the children will be accompanied during their observation through their now ‘expert’ eyes of how eighteenth-century artists knew how to use the scientific laws of colour theory in their work.
Duration: 3 hours
When: Thursday, from 10 am
Languages: Italian, English and French

Some fish only see yellow, a cow only see grey. What does seeing colour actually mean?
In the world of art artists have always striven to understand the magic of light, studying how to arrange colours in their works; however, it is in modern art that new forms of expression were found to express it, using innovative and unconventional techniques and materials. Following in the footsteps of the most revolutionary artists of the twentieth century, using wax pastels, colour dust, fabrics, etc. the young participants will create their own original artist’s book in the shape of an accordion that reflects light and pays it homage.

Duration: 3 hours
When: every day except Monday, from 10 am
Languages: Italian, Spanish




A journey on foot, winding through the museum rooms that are dedicated to Venetian collectors and their collections, following the tracks they made on a map. The young participants will be encouraged to observe the naturalistic finds very closely, drawing, collecting, pasting and documenting in a variety of ways the different discoveries of the journey on a special portable map-suitcase they can take with them to experience other adventures in the museum.

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
When: from Tuesday to Saturday
Hours: September, October and June, at 10 am; from November 1st to May 31st, at 9 am; Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 1.30 pm
Languages: Italian, Spanish

For further inquiries or bookings of educational activities for non-Italian speaking visitors, please contact:

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